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The Latest @thebrandingzoo

  • An exciting announcement is coming Friday! I'm dying to spill the beans, but I think I'll wait just a teensy bit longer. Don't worry, the suspense will be worth it.
  • Not much is more exciting than launch day of a new website design.  Sometimes clients forget that the end of the web design and coding is the beginning of their job to take care of the site we worked so hard on.  With just a few quick and simple steps you take on a regular basis, you can easily protect and take care of your beautiful website.⠀
On the blog today is an awesome guest post from Krista Rae over at @codedcreative explaining the 5 best practices to take care of your Wordpress website.
  • If you've got the deer in headlights look when a printer asks for a vector file of your logo, you need to read the newest post all about file formats with the link in my profile.  Even better, download the quick guide at the bottom of the post for the best uses for each format.⠀
Knowledge is power, and this easy guide will make sure you are using the right formats in print versus web for your brand.  Wonder why your beautiful images are printing blurry or why you always have a white background behind your logo?  The answers are here.
  • This moodboard started it all for a brand development project that just wrapped up.  I'm still referencing it daily as I design a custom Wordpress website to match this new, gorgeous brand.  Can't wait to reveal this beauty when it goes live!
  • A lot of business owners change logos like shoes. Every time I look at their website, suddenly it's a new color scheme and new logo, but nothing else seems to change. They jump on the coattails of whatever the newest trend is, feel great about it for a while and then hop onto the next trend when it comes along.⠀
Read the newest blog post about why your brand needs more than a logo design with the link in my profile.⠀
I'm all for a good rebrand, but do it with distinct goals in mind.  Use it to connect more deeply with your audience, niche down into your true zone of genius, align your pricing with your expertise or deter problematic clients.  If you know why you are rebranding, you will get a final product that moves you forward and grows with you instead of looking cute and rubbing your heels until you trade it in for something newer and shinier.⠀

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