Meet Katie

  • Designer & Strategist.
  • Coffee Addict.
  • Stress Chocolate Eater.
  • Toddler Negotiator.
  • Cocktail Aficianado.
  • Compulsive List Maker.
  • Boo Boo Kisser.
  • Contagious Giggler.
  • Dramatic Hand Talker.
  • Laundry Avoider.

Meet Katie

I have 11 years of professional design experience working for a wide range of clients. After too many years of leading projects at an ad agency for big clients and managing other designers, I knew I could make more meaningful connections with clients who know what it’s like to put their heart and soul into building their business — creative entrepreneurs.

And I have. I’m a small studio with big ideas and a true collaborative partner in the branding process. With my degree in graphic design and journalism, I have a knack for pulling details of your story out that separate you from your competition. Crafting visuals to propel your business forward that leans on that story and supports your positioning is my jam. I love getting to know your personality, motivations and goals and infusing that into a strategically crafted dynamic brand that can grow with you. This business is my baby, and I hope that my real babies see my hard work and passion and learn the value of dedicating themselves to something they believe in.

Between a 5:00am alarm clock, work, a busy family, sloppy dogs and fitting in the workouts that keep me from going crazy, life does not allow for decaf. My two daughters have taught me more than a few lessons on effective communication, multitasking like a boss and that laughter and a little chocolate cure almost everything.

On the weekends you can find me whipping up something scrumptious in the kitchen, hosting a tea party with my girls or luring my husband into yet another home renovation project.

Some days, it’s a zoo around here, but it’s what fuels me (and makes me appreciate the blessing that is a good daycare and an organized to-do list).